Collection: Kale Bros - bundle up and save!

Indulge your taste buds in a kale chip adventure with our delectable flavors!

  1. The Classic: Salt, Vinegar, Onion and a hint of Garlic - a delicious and timeless combination. You can never go wrong with a Classic!

  2. Pizza Thyme: Introducing the 'Pizza Thyme' flavor. These chips are seasoned with thyme, sesame, and Mediterranean herbs, and yes, they truly taste like pizza! It's snack o'clock, and it's 'Pizza Thyme!'

  3. Nacho Dynomite: Indulge in the fiery zest of our Spicy Kale Chips, where the smokiness of Chipotle and the zing of paprika, are complemented by a zesty twist of lemon and the savory embrace of garlic.

  4. Chocokale: Experience a delightful journey with our Sweet Kale Chips, a tempting fusion of rich cocoa, creamy Tahini, and a gentle sweetness courtesy of coconut nectar.

Dive into the world of Kale Bros kale chips, and discover your favorite flavor today!"

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